people-oriented architecture


About us - ELLS STUDIO


ELLS means "them".

It refers to what we believe is the most important in our architecture: 
"them", the people who will experience it.


ELLS is an architectural studio based in Sabadell (Barcelona). We work with a diverse selection of projects and clients, always keeping a close dialogue with them throughout the entire design process in order to tailor our proposals to their vision and desires.

Every client has different needs and every place is in some way peculiar and unique. The appreciation of those details is the basis of our work.

We love what we do.

We are truly passionate about architecture & design and we develop every project with our uttermost dedication.


Similarly to what happens with classical music or fine arts, we realized that there is this notion deeply embedded in society that architecture is a great discipline to admire, but that it belongs to others: intellectuals and academics.

We started ELLS with the belief that architecture can serve as a bridge to connect people with nature and culture.

Our goal is improve the quality of living by always promoting a people-oriented approach that focuses in producing projects that trigger the most primal human emotions: joy, pleasure, curiosity and excitement.

An architecture that is less about us -the architects-, and more about "ELLS" - the people.  


  • Ajuntament de Barcelona & ICUB (Institut de Cultura de Barcelona)
  • La Salle Technova Barcelona
  • Industrial 43 Coworking
  • Visionario
  • Naak Time
  • Watermelon Flops
  • JSalvadó



ELLS has been established in 2018 by Marco Mosca, Joan Salvadó and Sergi Sauras.



We are proud recipients of the Garantia Juvenil grant for young self-employed workers (Order TSF/181/2017 as of July 27) promoted by the European Union Social Fund and the Generalitat de Catalunya.